Vehicular Traffic

 As the Federal Government cuts back on funds for the states it is up to the states to take care of their own roads. Colorado has two ballot proposals to deal with additional funding for highways and roads. One want to add .062 percent sales tax that will generate funding for the state and local governments to fix their roads and streets. The other proposal just authorizes the state legislature to issue bonds to fix the highways. They seem to shy away from increasing the gasoline tax. Eventually a mileage tax will be necessary for road maintenance and construction.   

Cities that are growing as people move from the rural areas have the problem of how to handle the exponential growth of vehicular traffic. Some cities have the problem of dealing with the electric scooters. Do they belong on the road or bike ways or the sidewalks. One solution is to close some inner streets to vehicular traffic. Boulder has done that and successfully revitalize the old downtown. Cars do not belong everywhere. Unfortunately Fort Collins has not recognized that. Traffic is the number one complaint people have about the city. 

Both amendments were rejected by the voters. So, it is up to the Legislature to find a way to meet the funding demand for better roads. 

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