Transportation Still Important

The Corona Virus has pretty much eclipsed the news but transportation issues still surface from time to time.  The Boeing 737 MAX is expected to be back in production in June.  Amtrak is getting more Acela high speed trains.  Currently truckers are overworked trying to meet the demand for goods that people are hoarding.  State Departments of Transportation are continuing to work on improving bridges and overpasses.  Trains are still running.   However the airlines and Amtrak are hurting and people are not driving as much as they did.  

This pandemic will end eventually and the country’s transportation system will slowly return to normal.  The hope is that the country’s priorities  will be more clear.  The FAA needs to be more than an arm of the airlines and look at aviation in general.  Congress needs to address its funding priorities and pay attention to our crumbling infrastructure.  They also need to look at integrating our transportation systems.  Amtrak and the airlines should compliment each other.  Cities need to limit automobiles in their centers as has Amsterdam.   This will require rethinking city bus systems, perhaps bringing back the trolleys.  

And lastly, there is hope people will slow down and enjoy the trees and flowers.  

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