Transportation is Changing

Reading about the changes with the Air Traffic Control system, the new Amtrak Acela rail service, the expanding e-cars, and numerous options with e-bikes and e-scooters it appears that transportation is changing as fast as our communication systems. Cities are dealing with e-scooters by changing the laws for where they can be ridden. Denver for example says they have to be in bike lanes, not on the the sidewalk. But Denver has not successfully dealt with the conflict between automobiles and bicycles. Partly it is a problem of driver education as well as cyclists awareness of the rules of the road. Students at CSU in Fort Collins are notorious for sailing through stop signs on their bicycles. 

Some states have changed the laws so that bicyclists do not have to come to a complete stop at an stop intersection. This helps the bicyclist tremendously, but vehicle drivers do not understand the benefit. In many cases they resent it. Attitudes are difficult to change. But change is what it is all about. 

A problem with the e-cars is that they are silent. They sneak up on cyclists and pedestrians alike, even other motorists. But that helps with noise pollution. Too bad there are not trucks and busses that make less noise. 

Many of the problems can be handled with improved (redesigned) highways and streets. Here state DOT’s and city street departments need to adapt to the changing ground transportation scene. The future is here. Are the planners ready for it?   

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