The Vanishing Sedan

Comments regarding Ford Motor Company eliminating all but two sedans.  I am aware that the purpose of today’s corporations is to maximize profits.  Does that mean that they stop supplying needs of their clients?  People buy in response to what is advertised and promoted.  If the main promotion is the big pickup truck that is what people will buy whether they need it or not.  

I am aware that women like SUV’s because they sit higher than sedans.  This is an interesting phenomena that I have not fully analyzed.  But women are only half the vehicle buying population.  Perhaps I am wrong about that.  They could be the majority buyers.  However, this leaves the pickup for the men.  I do not see many men in SUV’s at the grocery stores or even lumber and hardware stores for that matter.  

Could it be that sedans are not selling because they are boring.  I cannot remember the last time I was excited by a new sedan.  The Mustang or Challenger or Camero get most of the reviews and are what draws men to the showrooms.   These cars are in a horsepower race.  

I suspect the directors and CEO’s of the American car companies are not automobile men (or women).  How many women are enthusiastic about cars?  Yet, Toyota, Hyundai, Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche are selling sedans.  And Tesla is forging ahead with its electric sedans.  It would appear that Ford, GM, and FCM do not know how to design cars that are exciting..  Lee Iaccoca needs to come out of retirement.

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