Infrastructure has been the buzzword the past several years. Our highways and interstates need fixing, bridges are rated unsafe, the electrical grids are subject to attack, climate change is causing major flooding of our waterways. The only transportation system that is working well is the Air Traffic Control. Even that is reaching saturation. The one piece of the picture that could relieve transportation meltdown is rail. 

Freight trains are are hauling more goods which results in passenger trains being delayed as much as three or four hours. For passenger rail service (Amtrak) to be competitive it needs dedicated rail lines. Sharing the tracks with freight trains is not working. 

 Our government subsidizes the airlines by funding the FAA Air Traffic Control and airport improvements. It subsidizes the waterways with the Corp of Engineers who build levies, dredges rivers, and builds locks. Eisenhower built the Interstate system. We all subsidize the trucking industry with our gasoline tax. But we (the Federal Government) does not acquire right-of-ways and lay track for use by Amtrak. I imagine private for profit passenger rail companies would be delighted to lease time on rails dedicated to passenger trains. 

How do we get Congress to stop wasting time on meaningless hearing and start looking at our transportation system that needs to be brought into the twenty-first century.

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